Colts Fans are Fans 24/7 365. Digital Sponsorships would give the Colts a significant new source of sponsorship revenue, while giving Fans a compelling reason to digitally interact with Colts sponsors. By Remarketing to Colts Fans on desktop and mobile devices with co-branded sweepstakes driven banners, sponsors can boost their in-stadium investment with high impact digital programs. estimates that the Colts could charge sponsors $15 CPM with a hard cost of $5 CPM, and gross 200% ROI over costs. $15 CPM breaks down to 1.5 cents per ad served! The best part of the above program is that the Colts sponsors will get more than just high quality digital impressions, they will get activations with Colts Fans and add those Fans to their CRM list.




There are currently over 500 items on clearance at the Colts Pro Shop. Video Banners can help move those items by promoting the highest discounted % on clearance items (currently 60%). Banners get higher Click-Thru and Conversion Rates when they promote a sale. can also set up a Google Merchant account, and utilize social platforms to move the merch needle.






Disclaimer: This is a confidential demo page for Indianapolis Colts employees only, and will not be shared with any other 3rd parties, unless those 3rd parties are affiliated with the Indianapolis Colts. The picture on this page, and the video clips, music, pictures and logos used to create these video banner examples were not used with permission by their respective authors. would need to rebuild these video banners with video, pictures and graphic assets provided by the Indianapolis Colts. Music if any would need to be licensed for reuse.